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Be Our Guest.

Come spend the night or just stay for the day...

We can accommodate canines, felines, ferrets, rabbits and birds for overnight stays.  Guests stay in a climate controlled environment while being cared for by our friendly kennel staff.  


Your pet is fed according to your instructions.  We offer the highest quality Hill's Healthy Advantage to eat.  If your pet has a special diet, please bring it with you.  


We are happy to administer your pets daily medications for a small additional fee.  For diabetic guests, please bring diabetic supplies with your pet, additional fees apply if we provide the diabetic supplies. 


We are proud to have an AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) certified facility for your pet to stay.  You can be assured that our facility is kept up to date and has passed the test on AAHA's 900 standards.


While we do take drop-in guests, please make a reservation to ensure that we have room for your pet.

Please see our vaccination requirements HERE.  Please see our Hurricane Policy HERE.

Tips for Boarding

Check to make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations.  You can view your pet's vaccine records on our PetPage App.

Make sure you pick up treats at check-in for them to have.


Let the staff know if your pet has storm anxiety, kennel anxiety or is aggressive with other animals.

Tell staff of any food allergies or special diet needs.  

Make your departure calm and quick! We hear this at our human children's schools and daycares all of the time.  But it is true! Once their human leaves, the pets calm down and are happy to stay and play.

Try to remain calm when picking your pet up.  We know that you haven't seen your baby for days and you can hardly wait to love and hug on them.  However, pets can interpret heightened levels of emotion and attention from owners as something is wrong.  This can make coming back harder for them. 

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