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Signs your pet may need a dental cleaning

Bad breath

Loose or broken teeth

Resists when you touch the mouth

Drooling or dropping food

Loss of appetite

Free Dental Consultation

Each pet's dental needs are unique.  Our Veterinarian can evaluate your pet's teeth and provide a specific treatment plan and pricing for your pet. 

Keep your pet's mouth healthy between visits

We recommend multiple treats and products designed to reduce plaque and gingival disease.  These products are tested and proven effective.  Look for the seal of the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC). 

Dental Xray

We offer digital dental xray at our Hillcrest, Tillman's Corner and Timber Run locations.

Xrays allow us to see disease below the gumline.  In pets, they can often have problems associated with tooth root that can lead to pain and infection if untreated.

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In between dental cleanings, our goal is to keep plaque from building up on your pet's teeth.  We carry several products to accomplish this goal.  Our motto, adopted from our friends at Virbac animal health, is


its GOOD to rinse,


BETTER to chew,


BEST to brush.

Maxi-Guard is an oral cleansing gel that reduces plaque on teeth and freshens breathe.

C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothepaste comes in multiple flavors.

C.E.T. VeggieDent chews help to remove plaque and prevent tartar accumulation. 

Hill's T/D treats use a fiber meshwork to help to remove plaque and prevent tartar accumulation. 

Dental cleanings often leave your pet's mouth with a difference that you can see and smell.  Check out this before and after photo of a dog's mouth.

During your pet's dental cleaning the veterinarian will evaluate their mouth.  Next, they often take dental xrays to assess the tooth structure below the gumline.  Plaque and tartar are removed using a scaler.  The tooth surface is then polished and flouride is applied.

Severe Dental Tartar
Canine Dental Xray
Canine Dental Xray
After Dental Cleaning
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